Drupal 8 - drupal_is_front_page

There seem to be a few posts around at the moment about being able to use Drupal 8 with the drupal_is_front_page() function.

This isn’t the case, as shown by https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes!path.inc/function/drupal_is_front_page/7.x. There is no Drupal 8 version.

Now, you’re able...

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Facebook share showing incorrect text?

Recently I had an issue where a Facebook share popup was showing incorrect translated text.

It seems that Facebook had scraped a previous version of the page, possibly during testing, and this was being displayed on the share popup.


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Update a symlink

To update a symlink in place, without having to delete and recreate:

ln -sfn [source file] [target file] 

What do the flags mean?

-s, –symbolic make symbolic links instead of hard links -f,...
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Local development changes to settings.php

When syncing a DB from production to dev, there are some settings which I often end up turning off in the UI.

It’s possible to add some lines to your dev settings.php to force settings on local only. Make sure...

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Remove lock on Drupal account

If you’ve had someone fail their login attempt 5 times, their account gets locked for a period of time.

To remove the account locks, use the following:

drush sqlq “DELETE FROM flood” 

Of course, if you’re...

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